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4.3% - 500ml


This beer got its name from a morning containing one frog, a hangover & the looming stress of trying to find a name for a brew. It's a long story to which we will leave you to fill in the blanks! A post-modern bitter with heaps of crystal malts supplying a rich toffee & treacle malt backbone. Balanced by delicious hoppy notes of tangerine & orange. No frogs were harmed in the making of this beer, we love frogs, & toads (we're inclusive)

Rascality Brewing - Hair Of The Frog

  • This bottle is conditioned real ale, which may contain some sediment. Please store upright, do not shake and do not refrigerate. Pour slowly and carefuly into a glass to ensure a crisp clear beer.

  • Shipping costs £8 all across the UK. We use APC to deliver our beer, we ensure that bottles are packed tight and in a rigid box to hopefully withstand any small knocks but we do not take fault for any broken bottles while in transit. We do have an option where by if you are local you can collect your order with no extra cost. 

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