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January 2021 - ?  :   #TRYANUARY -Extended till the end of lockdown 3.0 

To celebrate #TRYANUARY what is otherwise a miserable month amplified by lockdown we are creative loads of new recipes and making exclusive, rare & one-off brews available to you!

- Click & Collect 

- Collection from our on-site shop

- Local Delivery

April 2021 : Cold & Fizzy -  Our official launch of keg beer this is something we have wanted to do since day one, how exciting this launch will be is very dependant on lockdown but rest assured it will be cool if you'll pardon the pun.

2021 : COVID 19 Click & Collect/Local Delivery -  You should be at home!... drinking its safer there, let us come to you with our "ultra safe Ding Dong, Delivery, Dash" you must only go out to get essential supplies ie. beer; our click & collect and on-site outdoor store are also ultra safe.

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